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City Lake - The city lake is located approximately half a mile north of Edmonton on the Greensburg Road (US-68). There are picnic areas and the lake is stocked with various species of fish.

Metcalfe County Lake - (Click here for a brochure) - The Metcalfe County Lake is located approximately four miles north of Edmonton and features a boat ramp for electric-powered and row-boats. There are several species of fish present. There are picnic shelters and conference halls available, as well.

Quilt Barns - There are many Quilt Barns in the region. Be on the look-out as you drive through the region to see how many Quilt Barns you can find.
Quilt Barn

Scenic Byway - US-68 travels through Edmonton and is a scenic tour of the Bluegrass region.


Courthouse / Courtyard - The courthouse is located in the middle of the square in downtown Edmonton. The courtyard is used for many events and festivals throughout the year and can also be used for other civic events.

Old Jail - The old jail is located behind the new courthouse.
Old Jail House

Barn Lot Theater - www.barnlottheater.org - Barn Lot Theater is Edmonton's only community theater and is located at 207 South Main Street (across from the library).

Barn Lot Theater