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On behalf of the City of Edmonton, welcome to our Web site. As you browse through our pages and links feel free to contact our City about any information that you see. We look forward to helping you.

Edmonton is the county seat of Metcalfe County with a population of 1586 and we are located in South Central Kentucky.

As Mayor, I invite you to visit Edmonton and Metcalfe County and talk with our citizens. If you do come and visit, stop by City Hall and meet our staff who will be ready to help you.

I hope you enjoy your visit and will come back to visit us soon.

-- Mayor Howard D. Garrett

Picture of Mayor

Important Information

Fire Dues - Fire dues are payable by all county residents and are required to be paid by January 1.  Payment can be made at City Hall or the Fire Department.  City residents do not need to make a payment, as it is already collected as part of your property taxes.

Debit/Credit Card Payments - The Edmonton Water, Sewer and Gas department accepts credit card and debit card payments for your utility bills.